Kyma Works

by Álvaro Ruiz



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Álvaro Ruiz - Kyma Works

Álvaro Ruiz Mayagoitia (Certificate 18, Nortec-Mil Records, Igloo, Filtro, Static Discos) is a reference in the contemporary global electronic music and an Arcane for the mexican electronic music. Each production, each album, sports a unique seal and a categorical twist on the current sound related realms in which he navigates.

After several years of not hearing anything new from this man, ‘Kyma Works’ comes to my ears...a nine-track album, or nine chapters in a novel, where the delicacy is a constant throughout this timeless work. Voices processed, strings as dark abstractions, digital errors sounding almost innocent, although the overwhelming burden of evil infused is disturbing at times...

...Mysterious passages turning the nerves on end, a remote feeling of being in places visited during dreams, the infinite closing of doors behind us, running scared and blindly into an infinite cliff expecting an accident.

A blender for emotions, being the ball of a macabre pinball, a free-jazz emulator, will the truce ever appears? The game continues, a repetition kept, the constant shock, the level of thickness rises, the latch opens and closes, the stories of the madman arrive on the stage, overloaded, dirty, the dirt capacity reached the edge.

Concrete neuronal massages, trembling seismic oscillations, let's put the car into neutral, the next stop will be a perpetual purgatory, the calm will come...when the last sound has faded.

Needless to say, a future cult record.

—J. Audirac


released September 16, 2019

Written & Produced by Álvaro Ruiz.
Mexico City. 2019.
Artwork Photography by Edgar Medina.
Txt by Javier Audirac.


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